Many people ask the question, “What is Avana?” The answer is not a simple one… 

Imagine a place where each person’s identity was just as significant as the next. Imagine great people, with great talents, working together to produce something completely uncommon. Imagine a way of life, that separates individuals from the existing conditions of society, and places their mind in a new form of paradise. 

Our story begins with a screen printing shop founded by diverse colleagues. This revolutionary Avanian movement began with one individual, who ultimately wanted to change the world by inspiring others to chase their dream. In their youth, the Avanian founders were taught to visualize themselves at the highest point of their potential. In comparison, undistinguished people often lose their focus, and conform to the path of least resistance. Avanian authenticity is defined by the ability to achieve what others can not fathom. Avanians exist in a particular mental state.

We are creating a platform and building a network that projects the voices of like-minded people. These people belong to the same community—whether they know or not—they are found worldwide. Avanians are craftsmen, competitors, and creators. To be one with us, one must accept scrutiny from those who are blind to this phenomenon.